RockCreekLink Rock Creek Color & Black & White Images

Rock Creek stretches for over 13 miles, starting in Montogmery County Maryland and finally emptying into the Potomac River near the Georgetown section of Wasington, DC. At some spots it is no more than a trickle of water and in others a significant stream. There is much erosion around the banks as a result of periodic storms forcing water over the banks in some areas. It is a rich area for photographers with parks, natural vistas and historical places.

2010 Mid-Atlantic Blizzard

Starting on February 5, 2010 the Washington DC area was hit by two major snow storms. Just when we dug out from a 28 inch storm, a second that deposited another 10-12 inches hit. Everything came to a standstill. While it was impossible to move around until the snow plows came, interestng photographic images were still available close to home.


Barcelona is full of wide avenues and wonderful architecture from the ground breaking designs of the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi, the replica of the German pavillon designed by Mies van der Rohe, to the most modern of building design. Museums dedicated to Picasso and Miro delight the eye and the parks provide welcome relief to the hot summer sun.

Basque Country

The northern Spanish Basque cites of San Sebastian and Bilbao are spearated by 100km. San Sebastian has a broad expance of sandy beach whicle Bilbao is slightly inland and home to the Guggenheim Museum. Both cities have wonderful restaurants.

Berlin & Prague

Berlin and Prague are only a four hour train ride apart but very different cities. Much of the downtown area of Berlin that was formerly in the Russian sector has been transformed with numerous modern office buildings while the central area of Prague takes you back several centuries with stone streets. There were ample photographic opportunities in both cities.

Rome & Tuscany

Italy is a wonderful destination in late spring before the weather turns too hot. A short distance from old ruins are streets with fashionable boutiques.

Banff & Lake Louise

Banff, situated in the Canadian Rockies, is beautiful setting to just kick back and relax. The mountains are tall and hold traces of snow even into July. A half hour from the village is Lake Louise whose waters shine with a turquoise shimmer.


It's easy to fall into photographic cliche territory in Paris with all the iconic sights. May is a good time to visit as the prime tourist season has not begun and the Metro system gets one around town with ease.